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Bilstein by Mudster shock absorbers 2017 version, set of 4

2.600,74 lei incl tax 2.192,78 lei incl tax

Snorkel Dacia Duster

Designed for Renault Dacia Duster, single importer and distributor for this accessory in the world.
1.182,96 lei incl tax

Mudster Snorkel

1.580,84 lei incl tax 1.223,88 lei incl tax

EGR steel shield

535,45 lei incl tax

Taillights Dacia Duster

Set (left and right) LED taillights.
1.225,39 lei incl tax

Rear auto locking differential

Torsen auto locking differential type B for Renault Dacia Duster 4x4.
2.903,73 lei incl tax

Race Chip DUSTER - PRO2 1.5 DCI 110 FAP/DCI 85/DCI90 FAP

Compatible with 1.5dci Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines (not with Euro 6)
1.310,27 lei incl tax

Spare tire support and license plate package

1.676,30 lei incl tax 1.427,86 lei incl tax

Warrior 6000 LB SPARTAN Synthetic Rope

Warrior 6000 LB SPARTAN electric winch 12v with synthetic rope
3.384,00 lei incl tax 3.039,30 lei incl tax

Tyrex 8000P Compact Winch

1.692,00 lei incl tax 1.504,00 lei incl tax

Tyrex 8000SP Compact Synthetic Rope Winch

2.279,50 lei incl tax 2.044,50 lei incl tax

Warrior 4500 NINJA 4500lb Synthetic Rope

Warrior NINJA 4500 lb 12v electric winch with Synthetic Rope.
1.591,04 lei incl tax